Friday, March 23, 2012

And...Back...and a few endings: Highschool DxD, Guilty Crown, Nisemonogatari

Passed my hellish week of finals, its a good day.
Now to catch up on some stuff.

High School DxD (END)
Such a great episode to finish strong on for this first season. BALANCE BREAKER!
I started reading the light novels, and it really only gets better. Watching Issei is like watching every man's dream. I mean man's true dream. Completely honest slave to his emotions and desires, harem setting with all the girls, bad-ass upgrade-able super powers. It's like watching a RPG character in anime form. Sure the premise and narration is quite simplistic, but the story just draws in people like me that love this type of character developments.

Guilty Gear (END)
The last two episodes were actually quite good considering the filler before. This ending just throws that setup away…

  • Inori and Mana have the exact same Void, doesn’t that kind of defeat the notion of Inori being her own person?
  • After praising their soundtrack last episode because of Inori’s singing, they freaking pull out some male opera for Mana’s great apocalypse scene!? WTF!
  • Ayase…’s boobs jiggle. giggity…
  • Haruka shoots Shuuichirou off screen.
  • Kenji turns rabid and gets shot too.
  • Gai gets cut with a flesh wound at a non-fatal area, but Mana automatically dies. I assume her Void was broken, but they did not really animate that too well. And of course Gai gets his ‘just as planned’ moment.
  • Arisa’s Void gets collected. Shot for lulz (I lol’ed). Survives.
  • Daryl is defeated off screen after we see some funnels/fangs/dragoons fly out of the Gundam machine. He also gets a little Shinji Hikari/Misato elevator moment from that random moral grunt. Never see him again.
  • All the cancer is absorbed and miraculously disappears through some violation of the law of conservation of mass. Then again, Voids are physics breaking concepts. Could have at least shot into space or something.
  • Funnel, the robot rice cooker part-time segway, is the only one that gets the Happy End.
  • Shu…I actually don’t have anything to complain about for Shu.

It just feels like production was cut short. Some scenes cut away too fast. Some developments happened too fast. Seemed like a rushed tie together ending. They even had time for the OP.

Nisemonogatari (END)
Close yet another chapter in Monogatari series of great story telling, awesome likeable characters and endless chain of tsukkomi's.

  • Araragi still has yet to win a fight since Kizumonogatari. 
  • All of his harem gets upgraded in sexiness.
  • He pretty much seduces his two little sisters
  • One of them is technically not blood related. 
  • Legendary toothbrush scene.
  • Shinobu gets sooooooooo much more screen time, and re-establishes her as the harem member closest to Araragi.
  • Some back story on Oshino.
  • Everyone gets haircuts.
  • Koyomi goes out with Senjougahara, will marry Tsubasa, but actually loves Mayoi.
Onward toward Kizumonogatari Movie!!

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