Monday, March 26, 2012

Ano Natsu de Matteru (END)

Such...a great series...

Happy endings are great. Bittersweet endings are great. The adventure called life continues. Ano Natsu has been the smoothest, most honest romance series in a long while. I would say it very well prevails over its predecessor, the Onegai Teacher/Twins series, in the love development department. All the character interactions were so sweet so pure; it was a love drama without any drama because of how everyone actually communicated their straightforward feelings. This is quite a feat when it involves the complex love train pentagon of Mio pining for Tetsuro pining for Kanna pining for Kaito pining for Ichika. The whole train confesses and everyone pretty much pairs off (well Kanna is left in the middle). Everything resolves out in the open. If that is not a happy ending....yea, definitely a HAPPY ENDING.
However, some of the Lemon-senpai developments near the end were a bit more outrageous. I have a slight suspicion that this series was a super extended trailer for Men In Black 3.

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