Monday, February 20, 2012

Aquarion EVOL 08, Shakugan no Shana F 19

The most risque episode of Aquarion EVOL so far definitely. The AmataXMikonoXZessica triangle is pretty much officially set in stone if it was not previously. At least Zessica is definitely locked into the Amata route.
Also, in a show with Mugen Punch as an ultimate attack, they pulled out something even more ridiculous to defeat/maybe-kill one of the main antagonists. I think the worst use of "best defense is the best offense" quote ever...I'm disappointed in you Fudo.

Shakugan no Shana Final is slowly but surely heading toward a conclusion with climatic clashes starting up every episode now. Tiny details here and there were kind of skipped over like the tower defending Tomogara against the Flame Jetplane girl or the Professor robots versus the String user. However, the best part was definitely Shana's TSUNDERE PUNCH being the only attack so far that actually hit Yuuji.

Oh also, Pheles showed up. She called out Johan. Yuuji and Johan had a nice heart-to-heart talk about how Yuuji is an idiot making a cute girl like Shana sad.

(I'm still experimenting with these posts to try to cut them down as much as possible, but still highlight the notable scenes)

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