Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guilty Crown 18

Cool guys don't look at explosions
Within the first 2 minutes, Gai completely shows up Shu in how to be an emo, people-using, anti-hero bad-ass. Then, after the OP, within the next 3 minutes, he takes over the world by commandeering 256 Leukocyte satellite weapons. THAT, my friends, is how you f-ing come back to life in style!

As for how he pulled that off, Gai shows off his totally imba powers by long range summoning the Voids of the Secret Service, combining them randomly into a one-shot missile that destroys all dropping the super nukes and the stealth bomber. Nanba gets his just desserts for taking advantage of Arisa, long haired bully dies too, the girl, collateral damage. I personally think he just did that to sell his whole bad-ass image, because Inori's time/space rending Eternal Sword could have easily did the same with a single Dimension Slash.
Gai-SAMA has apparently now become the head prophet of a super ancient cult called Da'at. Does that name sound familiar? Well, it should because of that other Void Genome user with the pickled radish eyebrows named Daath (or maybe Da'ath).
Anyway, a little while later, his cult suddenly remembers that they need Inori/Mana-possessed, and they start searching for her in a giant bulletproof trailer. Meanwhile, Shu is doing what Shu does best: being a complete emo waste of space.
Then, well...the rest is pretty self-explanatory:
The trailer is waylaid by Arisa's grandfather who pulls out some samurai master skills. Arisa shoots him.
 Mana plays Devil's Advocate to Inori's insecurities which Inori ignores.
Inori sings, Shu interrupts, Inori goes STFU and casts Hypnosis on him...
 ...and follow that up with a Lovely Kiss to make sure he stays down.
Inori goes Sexy Beast mode and starts tearing through Arisa's reinforcements like what a Super Saiyan could do to the Red Ribbon Army.
 Gai says "if you want something done right...leave it to the REAL main character", and proceeds to call Inori a monster.

I'll have to say that this was the BEST episode of Guilty Crown so far (that is even including the finale like episode 12). Everything made sense, people-that-deserve-to-die died, people-that-did-not-deserve-to-die did not die (Hare~ T_T), characters did not act out of character (looking at you, Shu), Inori sang, Inori kicked ass, Inori Inori Inori. What more could you want? This is why Gai should have been the only protagonist in the first place. It may be an empty hope, but here's to next episode keeping it up.

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