Tuesday, February 21, 2012

High School DxD 07

Highschool DxD is definitely the most NSFW anime for this season. It does not hide the nipples with half-assed censoring like other fan service series hoping to milk the DVD sales.
The difference is, unlike some other blatant nudity shows like Ikki Tousen, it actually has some semblance of plot and character. Well, we are also left with scenes like this:
I would normally say something about this, but the subtitles actually do it for me.
I'll have to say Issei's character is very contradictory. He is very much wildly controlled by his carnal desires, but he does have streaks of gentlemanliness that did win over Asia-chan. His nature makes for some very envious scenes where if he actually did take that one step further this series would degenerate into a complete hentai genre. However, Rias-sempai does well to keep him in check by "satisfying" his desires just enough but on the edge of completely corrupting him.
That said, next episode has something to do about her offering her virginity...we know that will never happen right? right? RIGHT???

(I'm going to separate posts by series for now and see how much I can keep up. Will try to keep them short also)

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