Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catherine (not a review)

I've heard so many great things about this game, so I finally bought it for Xbox360 when it went on sale on Amazon. The thing about me is that I am super super crazily Asian-ly cheap, so I pretty much only buy video games months after their release or during timely sales when the price has dropped to something I can swallow. So! Funny story about the lengths I went through for saving some money on this purchase.
I added this game to my Amazon shopping cart about 2 months ago when it was $39.99. I did not really like the price at the time, so I kept it in the "Save for later" section to keep an eye on it during my daily visits (I have like 5 other things in that section for the same purpose). A week later from then, the price jumps up to $59.99, and I face-palm. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, the price dropped back to $39.99, so I naturally ordered it immediately to avoid missing this deal. It was also the weekend before block exams, so I also needed some stress relief that impulse purchases always afford.
Anyway, Murphy's Law slaps me in that face, and the price drops further down to $29.99 a week later. Luckily (or not) I was busy with exams, and I did not open the packaging yet. I was within the 30 days return limit for Amazon, but I figured I could save some time if I just ask Amazon to credit me the $10 difference back. I send Amazon an email pretty late at night expecting a reply  in the morning. Once again, life refutes my opinion, and Amazon gives me a call around midnight. Long story short, Amazon policy does not offer refunds for price changes even just $10 gift card credit. So they would rather waste my time and theirs by telling me to return the original and reorder at the new price. I heave a sigh, and proceed to wrap up the original completely pristine package.
Fast forward to now. I received the second package, and my refund for the first one has been processed. Turns out that from my refund I apparently paid the postage for the return which was $5. I face-palm again. I open the package for my new game. Lo and fucking behold, the new game's case has been crushed and the box art is ripped. So, I basically sent back a perfectly new game, and received a $5 savings and new game in a completed screwed up case. I proceed to slam my face into a wall.

Edit: After I sent another quite vehemently worded email, Amazon is sending me a new order via 1 day shipping while I send back the damaged order. Ok, that's pretty nice of them. I'll retract my F-you. Hope it works out this time. Sadly, I will not receive it until Tuesday when I am already back to school from my 3 day weekend (I now re-route all my mail to my permanent home rather than my condo because my condo's mailbox got ransacked recently).

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