Friday, February 17, 2012

Guilty Crown 17, LE:Ginyoku no Fam 16+17, InuXBoku SS 06

Marathon-ed these episodes late last night. The first two had me face-palming. The last two were the ones I actually really enjoyed, which says loads about the first two as LE:GnF17 was a recap episode...
Really long post after the jump:

Guilty Crown...oh man, where to start on this train wreck of a show. In the end, I love this episode, but there is just so much to nitpick about. Well, let's just start at the beginning. Shu starts the episode off on a douchey tone by arbitrarily punishing some students for taking their eyes off the redline (stupid wall) for a second. His popularity starts plummeting immediately afterwards as the episode progresses. Arisa is scared out of her mind after Mana-possessed-Inori stabbed her with a genomic crystal thing and two liters of blood  spew out of her hand. For some reason, the arrogant prick that decided to usurp Arisa's presidential status originally and somehow became a secret service member, Nanba, was assigned to "guard" Arisa's room. He intrudes on Arisa while she gets a call from newly clone Gai. Apparently, talking with Gai made her so horny that she decides to sleep with Nanba to do what he planned to do in the first place: overthrow Shu. All the while Shu is being emo in his little garden with Inori. When Yahiro comes to accuse Inori of attacking Arisa, Shu FINALLY ignores him after listening to his stupid Brutus-like advice for the last few episodes. Timing could not have been worse to completely turn the entire student body against Shu. The Exodus plan finally rolls out which is basically throwing a bunch of untrained ignorant students armed with Voids against the Antibody robot drones. All in all, people needlessly die. I really fail to see why they could not have done this soooo much earlier. Medicine and ammo collecting? They would not have needed medicine if they did not dillydally for so long, and what the hell good are guns anyway when they have Voids. Hell, the student army did not even do anything, as Shu pretty much did all the work with Inori's OP time/space sword (now christened Eternal Sword after the one in Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia).
Anyway, the best part of the episode follows with the entrance of clone Gai quickly cutting off Shu's arm, and putting the idiot in his a side character. Hopefully, Gai will improve this series a bit and recover it from this downward fail. Oh yeah, also, some super nuke sent by the UN is on its way. I seriously only watch this show now in hopes of see it redeem itself from this clusterfuck of crappy writing and unlikable characters (and killing off the ONLY likable character).

LE: Ginyoku no Fam. The complex political government situation becomes very simplified with a clear alliance of pretty much every country rallying around Vasant against Luscinia's fleet with the power of Exile. During the planning meeting for their defense of Boreas, everyone calls out for bloody vengeance against Luscinia's deeds. Augusta Sara was visibly disturbed. Fam, in all her innocence, tries to calm them down, but her silly birdbrain logic does nothing but embarrass herself in the presence of the bitter national leaders. Even Dian has rejected her goodwill because of Millia's relation to Lilliana. For some reason, Fam still thinks just bringing up the Grand Race is suppose to appease everyone except she fails to see that the day of the Grand Race was also the day when everything went to hell with the assassination of the late Augusta Farahnaz. Well, her insensitivity sways Augusta Sara's innocent heart and they bond. Meanwhile, Anatoray prepares for battle in a very fertile field of wheat. Then far in the north, Luscinia breaks out in evil laughter after activating some giant Exile like technology.
The next episode was pretty much a recap of the original Last Exile in 20 minutes. I skipped through watching it, but I really liked the nostalgia in watching the original OP (even though I just recently re-watched the series a month ago). This speed along with a shot of Lavie and Sleepyhead Claus, then cut to Dio and Alvis escaping from Guild Starfish fighters. I doubt the logic in having this second recap in 17 episodes, but I like how everything seems to be speeding toward a grand conclusion.

InuXBoku SS is a very slice of life show with very subtle fanservice. I normally do not prioritize watching it; mainly because the pretty boy Miketsukami irks me. However, THIS episode was pure enjoyment with a complete focus on Roromiya Karuta, the silent cute glutton that can turn into a giant ghost skeleton and voiced by my favorite VA Hanazawa Kana. Basically, we discover along with Ririchiyo that Karuta is a free spirit that pretty much does whatever she wants whenever she wants including skipping gym class to rescue kitties or eating lunch in the middle of morning lecture. She also turns of to be a very very good cook; "cooking is in imagining the end possibilities". Add in a custom ending song with HanaKana singing and Karuta fanservice; I am freaking SOLD!
I think I need to work on cutting these posts down. Also, I think I write more about annoying things than what I find interesting. Anyway, I'll end this with an image dump of Karuta's ED images:

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