Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I Met Your Mother S07 E17

This episode pretty much marks the end of the longest arc in How I Met Your Mother.
The entire series started with Ted and Aunt Robin's relationship, and this episode pretty much puts that option to rest as much as possible. Yes, there was a little bit of hope left in Marshall's "not yet," but we know that the series is fated to go down another direction. If these last 7 seasons/years was really the Robin Arc, then this series can finally start anew with the actual mother arc. The only way the show can drag it out even longer is if the group of friends recruits another girl to the gang, but I hope to think they are not that shallow.
I think the show will definitely focus more on Barney now. I mean: yes, Barney is a character that has plenty of attention already, but more on a relationship he can commit to. That is of course, because Ted is suppose to meet the mother at his wedding. Now then, onward Barney! Onward Ted! Toward the girl with the yellow umbrella. Challenge Accepted!

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